May 5, 2009

Behavior Evaluation and Support Team Vision

All students will be able to become productive members of the school environment so they may graduate with the choice to attend college without remediation.  

Mission:BEST will build capacity with school building staff in such a way that staff are prepared to teach, reinforce, and encourage students’ behavioral skills that will allow them to enter college or careers and become contributing members of society who flourish in a diverse, dynamic world. 

  • Build capacity (in Tier II and Tier III) for understanding behavior and dealing with challenging situations
  • Developing awareness of how adult interactions impact student behavior
  • Providing professional development/ skill building to staff, parents and students
  • Improve student behavior to support student achievement
  • Create a community of positive problem solving learners
  • Develop school teams to be able to utilize research based behavioral practices
  • Develop family/ school relationships that help parents become positive problem solvers